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About West Coast Motoring

We are a California-based company specializing New Customized Car Sales, since 2001. Once you buy a car this way, you will never want to do it 'the old way' again.

Professional Installation

All work is done by qualified professionals that work on these cars every day. We strive for OEM fit, finish, and quality on every project. Our goal is to build a car that ‘could have’ come from the factory as it sits — if the Manufacturer locked a pile of enthusiasts and gearheads in a room with a case of Red Bull.

Worldwide Shipping

Our vehicles can easily be delivered anywhere in the world, by enclosed trailer, ship container, or air freight. It’s only a matter of cost and the client’s timeline. Vehicles are expertly secured and fully insured during transport. We can ship 1 vehicle in a 20-ft container, or 2 vehicles in a 40-ft container.

Passion leads to ideas, ideas lead to unique vehicles, and unique vehicles lead to a progressive company with happy clients!

West Coast Motoring – Design Team

Our Service

We strive for the highest quality standards in every aspect of the build, from fitting your kit to OEM-quality paint. Our dedicated Technicians are glad to offer you their know-how and experience in setting and adjusting your performance and suspension upgrades.

Order 24/7

If we don’t have the car in stock, you can order it, built to your exact specs.

Professional Installation

Our expert Technicians will carefully install the parts you selected for an OEM-like appearance.

Worldwide Shipping

We will ship your car anywhere in the U.S. via enclosed trailer, internationally in a 20-ft container, or via air freight.

Fast & Friendly Service

For as long as you have the car, we’re here to answer your questions and provide you with whatever you need to keep the car in excellent condition.


It's probably obvious, but we love cars. Check out some of our most recent projects. See something you like, or have a question? Just click "Contact" above.

  • Awesome job on the car guys. I love it! The quality of the work is excellent and I can tell you made my car a very high priority in your shop.

    Victor H via Email
  • Thank you for finding the car and getting it built so quickly. Everything was perfect and it’s a total rocket.  Thanks again!

    James P via Email

1 Car, Endless Options

We believe in offering a diverse range of customization options that allow each client to create a truly unique vehicle that exudes their personality and taste.

Brand Ratings

Each completed project makes us even more hungry to paint the next canvas, create new designs, come up with new ideas, and sample new color combinations. As a result, every day we are creating a better experience and product for you.


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If we don't have it, you can order it. We build most cars in about 20 working days, depending on the scope of the project, with no markup, and no premium. In most cases, all manufacturer incentives and warranties remain in tact.

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